Show & Sale Info

Greetings Everyone!
The annual Art from the Heart Show and Sale is now in planning and fundraising for December, 2017.

Art from the Heart’s 17th Show and Sale:

Art from the Heart’s 17th Annual Show and Sale on December 16 and 17, 2017 in Winnipeg Manitoba will exhibit new works by local artists creating opportunities for artists and visitors to share their skills, expertise and knowledge, fostering creative collaborations, mutual support, and a sense of belonging among participants.

Art lovers in Winnipeg also see this event as a community economic development initiative and a great opportunity to support Art from the Heart artists by purchasing their works of art. Through the 17th Show and Sale, all participating artists are given the opportunity to sell their work with 100% of proceeds paid to selling artists at the close of the event.

Artists Keep 100% of Sales!

Further information will be posted here towards the end of September! Here are some pictures of past shows. . .